Come on...It's not so hot!!

Summertime is an opportunity  to spend some free time outdoor, enjoying lovely spots and tasting good food.  So, don’t waste the chance! But what about heat? Yes, you know, hot temperature is not always so pleasant, while walking or visiting monuments in towns.  But what about  Sicily?  It’s not  as hot as people think…

First of all, you are in Sicily, the widest island in the Mediterranean Sea and therefore there are plenty of  hills and mountains. The highest one is Etna Volcano, 3340 metres a.s.l. and trust me, even in summer you need something warm to wear before going up.


Dry land and burning sun: is it your lonely idea about Sicily? Forget it! There are forests, woods and different kinds of flora, depending on the elevation. There are so many small villages to visit, hidden in the inland, on the Madonie, the Nebrodi or the Peloritani Mountains! There are ancient small spots, rich in traditions and festivals, but best of all... in summer you can get some  fresh air! Not far from Palermo, on the Madonie Mountains there are big oppurtunities for refreshing visits: Ficuzza’s Wood or  Castelbuono, Pollina or Gangi.


Along the coasts, of course, it's not the same. It can be really hot, but you know, almost always it'll be windy. Trapani area, in West Sicily, is nicknamed the land of the wind. And the saltpans, between Trapani and Marsala, still  work thanks to it. Looking at the amazing windmills you could say you are in Holland! And looking at the pink flamingoes you could say …  you are in  an amazing place!

Visiting towns is a little bit too hard but there are some little tricks: have you ever tried  granita or sorbetto?


Have you ever enjoyed Sicilian icecream? They are so refreshing! Specially when you savor them in a garden, under exotic  palm trees! Or better,  under the amazing Ficus Macrophylla Magnolioides in Villa Garibaldi, the biggest in Europe!

In the hottest hours of the day you should step into a museum: Museo Regionale Abatellis or Archeological Museun Salinas are in Palermo old town and they look great. Art and architecture merge into one beautiful master piece.

Mondello is the nearest beach to Palermo, a white sandy beach, where Palermitans like to get a suntan. Why don’t you join them?

So please don’t fear heat! Come to Sicily, come to Palermo!

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